Meet our Animals

Click on the animals below to learn the specific breeds that call M&B Farm and Hatchery home. 


Did you know that cows are really smart animals? They can remember things for a long time. They may be large animals, but they're gentle giants.


Pigs are omnivorous mammals. Despite their reputation, pigs are actually pretty clean. They're also very intelligent... even more so than dogs! Males are called boars & females are called sows.


You may be surprised to learn that not all chickens lay white or brown eggs. Some breeds lay green, blue, and even pink eggs! Move over, Easter bunny.


Unlike the common stereotype, goats don't eat just anything and everything. They're pretty picky eaters! They have sensitive lips that they use to "mouth" things to find something clean and yummy to eat.


Donkeys are extremely intelligent and have great memories. They can recognize places and other donkeys that they had seen up to 25 years earlier!


Did you know a rabbits teeth never stop growing? That's right! Their teeth get worn down on the things they eat, making sure that they never get too long.


Turkeys can see better than humans. They can see three times better than we can! Their vision also spans 270 degrees.


Ducklings coordinate hatching together while still in their eggs. Hatching in a group at the same time helps protect them from predators.


Pheasants can fly for short distances, however they prefer to run on the ground. Pheasants prefer to spend their whole life on the ground and are rarely ever found in a tree!


Quail chicks are active right after hatching. They can leave the nest almost immediately.


Guinea Fowl are monogamous animals. Formed couples can stay together for a life time or for a mating season.

Speciality Breeds

These are more exotic animals and require special licensing.

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