We're more than just a farm...

Who We Are

Here is some insight of what we do at M&B Farm & Hatchery.

We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit farm & animal rescue.

For starters we are a active farm we raise cattle for both milk and meat. We raise goats for milk. We also have pigs, rabbits, chickens, turkeys ducks that we also raise for meats. We are licensed with DOA.

We are also a hatchery, twice last year we had surprised visits from news bloggers, and were rated top 3 (of 10) hatcheries in GA twice. We hatch out thousands of chicks of all different breeds. We were also one of the few that still have not raised our prices when it comes to poultry. We are a licensed dealer & sales establishment with DOA.

We are a licensed animal shelter. We can take in dogs and cats however our main focus is working dogs. We work hard to see what they already know then training them on different parts of farm life.

We are also a livestock rescue / sanctuary. What does this mean?

When someone contacts us to surrender an animal (livestock) we have them fill out a simple surrender form. On this for it will ask if the animal will be tagged for farm use or sanctuary. 

Farm Use: The surrendered animal(s) will become part of our farm and could be bred, sold, slaughtered, or remain on the farm till natural death

Sanctuary*: The surrendered animal(s) will become a permanent resident of our farm. The animal(s) could still be bred. The animal(s) will not be sold or slaughtered and will remain on the farm till the animal’s natural death. 

*Under special circumstances and as a last resort if the animal becomes a danger to humans, other animals, itself, or becomes uncontrollable, the animal will then be sold, slaughtered, or euthanized.   

Now you may ask why would we feed and take care of all these "pets" ? It's what our hearts want, it's what makes us happy, everyone has an animal of choice they love some love pigs some goats others love cows or that special chicken.

We have some that are special needs and need a special diet or meds.

Unfortunately for whatever that reason maybe sometimes these pets also need a new home, another loving caring home and that's what we provide.

Every day we treat each and every one of the animals with the same respect and dignity they each deserve regardless if they are pets or raised for food.

We are also a member of the Livestock Conservatory. We have over 20 types of endangered species that we help hatch & raise to keep the population growing. These breeds we don't sell to the public, we only sell/exchange with other members to help keep the numbers grow.

If you would like to plan a visit please let us know! Bring the kids it's fun for everyone, the animals love visitors.

Don't forget we also offer microchipping for dogs cats horses and livestock.

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